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@StayCloseToHome @CleverHousewife @Tammileetips absolutely!-6 hours 54 min ago
What a sweet face! RT @MnMacnMom: @IAMS #WoofWednesday bundled up after bath time �http://t.co/4oBMDV7VHsHs-9 hours 15 min ago
@AdriCarrera Please give us a call if we can be of service--that's what we're here for :-D 800-525-4267-9 hours 16 min ago
@AdriCarrera ah! #1 tip: introduce a new diet gradually. This article will help: http://t.co/D3G5OMeA07-9 hours 17 min ago
@CleverHousewife @StayCloseToHome @Tammileetips Tomorrow looks good. Might rain on Friday #PGPets <Bev http://t.co/uyRzWDKGMs-9 hours 19 min ago